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WyndRider Equestrian Barn

WyndRider Equestrian Barn

Opened in 2004, WyndRider Equestrian Center is the vision of Valerie Gomes, a lifelong Equestrian rider and horse lover.  WyndRider is an alternative farm experience for both the horse and the owner.

Valerie learned to ride horses when she was 10 years old and was raising ponies.  She learned to ride the ponies without a bridle or saddle, which gave her the unique gift of bonding the the horse AND riding the horse with only pressure from the legs and hands.  The horses listened and Val learned how and what the horse wanted and vise versa without the use of any tack.  Adding to that, the 20+ years of professional experience give Val a unique understanding and devotion to her equine partners.

Valerie’s main goals are the comfort, health and happiness of the horse and the owner.  She has boarded, managed and taught at many farms in the area.